Hyperpigmentation kit 2| Fitz 4-6| Click to see before + after pics

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Hyperpigmentation kit 2| Fitz 4-6|

**Please note purchase of a product kit = a complimentary facial 

For Fitz 4-6 (or skin tones that scar brown) 

Still safe for Fitz 1-3 (or skin tones that scar pink) 

Photo below is a depiction of the Fitzpatrick scale, which is grouped (1-3) and (4-6) 


Please note: if ordering, important to get a toner for maximum results. We suggest:

  • 8% Mandelic Toner then move up to 9% 
  • Skin Nourishing Toner (for more sensitive skin) 

Dark spots are hard to get rid of, spots can go deep into the layers of the skin and take a long time to fade. The goal is to exfoliate and use pigment inhibitors to calm the melanocytes (spot makers) down so they don't keep popping up 

This kit contains 5 products to help you reach your ultimate "Skin Fitness" goal. To get to the #NoFilter point we literally have to reverse everything we didn't do in the past. Please be patient, the process takes time. 

The breakdown:

1.) Cleanse: remove all outside elements from your skin 

2.) Prep: Toner helps remove what the cleanser didn't and it also prepares your skin for the next step, so the products are absorbed better 

3.) Nourish: Serums are a great way to give your skin what its been missing. This will help give it the tools to fight all of those free radicals (the bad guys). 

4.) Protect: Now that we have removed all the bad guys, got the good guys in the skin we need to seal it all in. 

5.) Night cream in this case "Bleaching Cream" that goes in place of step 3 for your night routine  

Products can last up to 3-4 months depending on how you use them. This brings each month to about $15 per product per month (reasonable) 

Suggested use is to use a dime size for each application for the face 

For the body - quarter size is recommended 

You may need to refresh one or two products depending on the bottle size and usage